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A short introduction to Royal Tichelaar Makkum

The Frisian earthenware factory has a long history, Royal Tichelaar Makkum is the Netherlands’ oldest company, the relevant map in Caspar Robles’ 1572 atlas shows a ‘briccaria’ or brick factory on the site where Makkums factory is now. In 1640 the company became a family firm and remains so until today.

The company has down the centuries displayed an exceptional awareness of its valuable tradition and works to refresh and expand the development of traditional craftsmanship and ceramic knowledge, the company’s core values.By combining centuries old craftsmanship with innovative projects by designers and architects, they have succeeded in broadening their activities to include contemporary products in the fields of architecture and design.

Through its collaboration with internationally renowned architects, Makkum has over the last twenty years undergone enormous development in the area of building ceramics and has gained an unparalleled position in contemporary architecture. Their invaluable resource of centuries-old ceramic knowledge and craftsmanship has a great attraction for architects and designers which emerges from the timeless beauty and durable properties of ceramic building products, such as colour permanence and ease of maintenance. This renewed interest has yielded a wide variety of assignments in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Makkum will respond with practical solutions to the widest variety of requests from its clients. The company offers its own range of glazed façade elements and has a wide variety of glazes that can be used on roof tiles, bricks and façade cladding. Together with architects, the company also develops new custom made products and applications. On the basis of a shared curiosity, it seeks new glazes and products in which an important part is played not only by colour and degree of gloss, but also special effects.

royal tichelaar makkum dome unique tilesmakkum dome tiles

An example of a new custom made product developed by Makkum with Bierman Henket Architecten for Extension Museum de Fundatie in Zwolle (2013). The design for the extension by architect Hubert-Jan Henket forms a sharp contrast with the museum’s neoclassical building. At the same time, the fluid form of this three-dimensional ellipsoid, refers to the organic design of the park by the landscape architect J.D. Zocher at the rear of the building. Meticulous detailing for the facade of the double elliptical construction was essential for the design. Henket chose a ceramic skin, which could blend into the sky. To achieve the desired effect our company performed various tests in close consultation with Hubert-Jan Henket. Finally a choice was made for a cladding consisting of wedge-shaped tiles with a white glaze interspersed with light blue accents. A great deal of attention was devoted to mounting and distributing the ceramic elements. The modules are in two sizes and the wedge-shaped tiles were randomly positioned, which results in the light and the sky being reflected both unpredictably and in many different ways. Makkum was responsible for the production and the installation: over 50,000 tiles were produced to clad 1,340 m2.

Makkums ceramic tile collections Traditional Whites and Beyond Glazing are now available through designrepublic.

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