Mosa Solids Collection

This robust and dynamic range can be applied to a great variety of spaces such as shops, stations, hospitals and schools - and the contemporary home, due to its hardwearing and practical nature.

Solid Power, Large Impact

Timeless and pure ceramics in natural hues with a rugged look and feel. Together, these tiles create a unified whole: like a ceramic skin, Solids adds warmth and depth to any surface.

Pure ceramics

A unique production process gives each tile an individual texture and colour formation. The mixing process and the natural movement of the different-sized grains when falling has been embodied in a tile.

Size and Scale

This series’ identity is defined by its physical and functional strength. The Solids tiles are designed in a variety of sizes, including the generous and versatile 60 x 60 centimeter, making for an affordable and comprehensive solution to architects and designers.

Colours and texture

The collection consists of twelve colours, which include from earthy shades such as vivid white, stone grey, sand beige, jade grey, clay grey, basalt grey and graphite black to more colour-intensive hues such as deep ochre, forest grey, agate grey, rust red and earth brown.

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>  5102V/5102MR
>  5104V
>  5106V/5106MR
>  5114v/5114MR
>  5118V
>  5108V/5108MR
>  5110V/5110MR
>  5112V
>  5120V/5120MR
>  5126V


>  90 x 90 cm
>  60 x 60 cm
>  40 x 60 cm
>  30 x 60 cm
>  40 x 30 cm
>  20 x 60 cm
>  20 x 30 cm
>  10 x 60 cm


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