Sustainable Built Apartment Prototype One

sustainable appartment tiles

An innovative and sustainably built apartment by TU Delft and partners, Prototype 1. It's a prefab home of concrete and steel and was built in a day. The whole home was put together in two weeks, it has Mosa tiles in the bathroom and a Mosa Ventilated Facade. All interiors are manufactured under the Cradle to Cradle principle. View the construction progress on this photo journal.

Prototype 1 is part of Concept House Village and Living Lab of the international project SusLab. This project focusses on the development, testing and implementation of concept homes that lower energy consumption. People from different demographic groups will live in this apartment, e.g. single, young family, empty nesters, their needs and energy consumption will be measured and these test results will assist in the design of new apartments being built.

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