Makkum Beyond Glazing

Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum has expanded its permanent collection of tiles by introducing 26 new special glazes. Their glazes distinguish themselves by their rich shades of colour and exceptional textural effects. These results have been achieved using natural pigments and combinations of minerals in the manual production process. Architects and designers are showing increasing interest in these tiles, chiefly for their visual appeal and durable properties as colour permanence and ease of maintenance. The tiles dimensions are 13 x 13 cm, the same as the celebrated ‘witjes’ (white tiles) that have been in production since the 17th century. This new series of 26 eye-catching glazes can be used both indoors and outdoors.

White glazed tiles
No. 02 clear with iridescence
Dark gold glazed tiles
No. 05 dark gold
Iridescent indigo glazed tiles
No. 12 iridescent indigo
iridescent dark brown glazed tiles
No. 14 iridescent dark grey-brown
matt nickel glazed tiles
No. 17 matt nickel
iridescent light blue glazed tiles
No. 21 iridescent light blue
matt white glazed tiles
No. 27 matt white
Glossy white glazed tiles
No. 28 glossy white
Green glossy glazed tiles
No. 33 transparent green with crackle glaze
Grey blue glazed tiles
No. 42 iridescent green-blue
Iridescent warm grey glazed tiles
No. 44 iridescent warm grey
green blue with crackle glazed tiles
No. 47 transparent green-blue with crackle glaze
transparent turquoise glazed tiles
No. 48 transparent turquoise with crackle glaze
Iridescent yellow glazed tiles
No. 49 transparent yellow ochre with crackle glaze
Iridescent red glazed tiles
No. 52 transparent orange-brown with crackle glaze
Iridescent ivory glazed tiles
Nr. 53 mother of pearl
Brown textured glazed tiles
No. 55 shades of dark brown

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