Mosa Core Collection Terra

Terra is a timeless classic. Thanks to their powdery, matt look and flamed design, Terra tiles have a distinctly natural, earthy character. Terra offers inspiration to create surfaces with a completely unique look.

Superior functionality for indoors and outdoors

All Core Collection products combine unprecedented aesthetics with smart functionality. These ceramic tiles are suitable for use on walls, floors, fa├žades, and terraces. Their functionality and anti-slip properties make them perfect for busy areas, both indoors and outdoors. Mosa offers both smooth tiles and anti-slip textured (relief) tiles. Thanks to their textured surface, these tiles are suitable for high-traffic areas where slip resistance is important, and give surfaces an extra robust look.


Timeless tiles with the most dynamic of colour gradations, Terra is a strong classic tile in pure ceramic. Well known for its matt, powdery look and grain design, this series is available in different shapes and sizes with which to create a variety of pattern designs and looks. The tile can be used on floors and walls, indoors and outdoors.


Terra tiles are available in a range of square and strip sizes, shapes, as well as a mosaic version. Click on the size to see the available colours.

Surfaces and applications

The flat, matt tiles (V, VE, and VV) in the Terra series are suitable for almost every interior. The series also features tiles with a textured structure (relief: RL and RM). These tiles have a rougher feel giving them greater anti-slip properties, making them ideal for rooms and applications where this is required. There are also mosaic tiles (MZVA, MZVR and MZVV) and special patio tiles (XV, XVE, and XRL) for use on various substrates.

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>  225V
>  238V
>  226V
>  227V
>  206V
>  214V
>  216V
>  203V
>  262V
>  270V
>  204V
>  239V
>  215V
>  271V
>  222V
>  211V
>  200V
>  265V
>  229V
>  263V
>  266V
>  264V


>  59.4 x 59.4 cm


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