Mosa Quartz Collection

The Quartz collection is a new generation of unglazed porcelain floor tiles with a rich appearance; pure ceramics thanks to the natural striations of sandy-looking grains and crystal-like particles in combination with varying colour hues.

For Inside and Outside

Pure ceramic with a versatile aesthetic that unites neutral and earthy characteristics. The subtle tile gradations enhance the appearance of any surface.

Two Surface Finishes

Quartz is available in two surface finishes. The flat tiles have a grainy surface reminiscent of sand, with tiny crystals which are constantly reflecting different colours. The entire effect is that of the purest quality ceramic.

Dynamic Appearance

The Quartz collection is also ideal for plank formats. A dynamic appearance is achieved with multiple width planks and the corresponding joint patterns.

Tile Patterns

Different sizes, colours and tile patterns can accentuate the aesthetic qualities of every space. The interplay of lines between tile and joint results in intriguing surfaces.

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>  4101V
>  4103V
>  4104V
>  4101RQ
>  4103RQ
>  4104RQ
>  4105V
>  4107V
>  4108V
>  4105RQ
>  4107RQ
>  4108RQ
>  4102V
>   4102RQ


>  90 x 90 cm
>  60 x 90 cm
>  45 x 90 cm
>  60 x 60 cm
>  30 x 90 cm
>  20 x 90 cm
>  30 x 60 cm
>  20 x 60 cm
>  10 x 90 cm
>  10 x 60 cm
>  5 x 60 cm


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