Mosa Terra Tones Collection

Based on its celebrated Terra Maestricht tiles, Mosa has developed an innovative, prizewinning concept that is unique in its field: Terra Tones.

Lively Appearance

The tiles in the Terra Tones series have a smooth, powdery finish and a vibrant look. This natural vibrancy can be enhanced by combining different sizes. The tiles in the Terra Tones series are suitable for indoor and outdoor use on walls, floors, facades, and terraces. The series is extremely suitable for facades thanks to the vibrant and natural aesthetic created by the tiles.


These are not tiles in the classic sense but a new, subtle tile surface in restrained ceramic hues. The result can be seen in ‘living’ facades, floors or walls with a natural appearance. For inside and outside.

Ceramic Surfaces

Terra Maestricht is available in two surface finishes. The smooth, matt sort (V and VV) is fine grained and looks powder like. The tiles with a relief structure (RL and RM) have a more robust appearance.


The natural vitality can be further emphasised by using different sized tiles: available as standard in 60 x 60 centimeter and planks in 5 x 60,10 x 60,15 x 60 and 30 x 60cm.

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>  215XV
>  215YV
>  215ZV
>  206XV
>  206YV
>  206ZV
>  216XV
>  216YV
>  216ZV
>  203XV
>  203YV
>  203ZV
>  200XYZ
>  266XYZ
>  204XYZ
>  265XYZ


>  60 x 120 cm
>  40 x 120 cm
>  60 x 60 cm
>  30 x 120 cm
>  20 x 120 cm
>  30 x 60 cm
>  15 x 60 cm
>  10 x 60 cm
>  5 x 60 cm


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